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Germany, Sweden 2018

Short Experimental Documentary

15 min

HD, Colour


Interlude: defined as an intervening or interruptive period, space, or event; a 15 minute intermission between the acts of a play. Through poetic narration, a young woman maps her journey through grief and loss. Both intimate and analytic, she asks questions which have no clear answer as she tries to make sense of uncharted terrain. Without guidelines to follow, with no destination in sight, the film is a vulnerable and moving personal reflection on a universal subject.

Directed and Produced by Avril Meehan & Seda Kaçak 
Camera: Seda Kaçak & Gloria de Oliveira
Poems and Narration: Avril Meehan
Editing and Sound: Seda Kaçak
Assistant Director: Gloria de Oliveira
Dramaturgy: Helena Wittmann, Nora Moschüring
Special Thanks: Udo Engel


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