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by La Double Vie


May 5, 2023 

Seda Kaçak, Gloria de Oliveira, Absinthee feat. Gordon Raphael & Anne Hedlock, Box and the Twins, Brnjsmin, Constant Smiles, Dol Ikara, ELKKS, Errorr, Kæry Ann, Sally Dige, Sergio Díaz De Rojas, Stella Sommer/Die Heiterkeit, TANTANA, The Wide Eye, Tierra Del Fuego, Tor Lundvall and Tying Tiffany. 

The compilation will be released exclusively through Bandcamp on May 5th (BandCamp Friday) and all proceeds will be donated to AHBAP (Turkey) and MOLHAM (Syria), two select NGOs that we believe are trustworthy, transparent and in need of long-term donations and support. 

Cover artwork by Ada Tuncer


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